Green Tips

Top Green Tips

These are the ones that make the most difference to the environment.



-drive the speed limit
-walk or bike more
-use public transport
-don't fly
-give up the 2nd car, trade in the 4 wheel for a fuel efficient car
-maintain your vehicle, especially tyre pressure
- car share where possible
- turn off the air con


-have an energy audit
-install a programmable thermostat
-seal out the cold: upgrade insulation,
-stop drafts


-switch to 100% renewable energy,
-dry clothes naturally,
use washing machine/ dishwasher only when full,
-switch off appliances (don't leave on standby),
- don't leave mobile phones & other devices charging all night
- only boil as much water in the kettle as you need
- put lids on pans when cooking


-buy local,
-buy seasonal & organic,
- buy as much as you will eat
- get milk delivered
-avoid packaging (ready meals), make your own lunch
- replace plastic bags with reusable bags ,
-avoid frozen food (energy intensive storage and transportation),
-eat less meat
-microwave instead of using the cooker for one item
-grow your own
-drink tap water or transfer mineral water to glass/ metal bottles.

Goods and Services:

- Recycle &donate,
-avoid disposables,
-purchase for durability and look after items,
-30 day wait-before-you-buy rule against impulse buying,
-use less water (filtering is energy demanding),: turn taps off when washing-up/ brushing teeth
-garden naturally
-reduce paper use/ printing,
-invest in green companies.

Draught-Proof your home with cheap Secondary Glazing

glaing Far cheaper then double glazing – a simple DIY installation.

Perspex acrylic has similar thermal properties to double glazing, but unlike glass, it is optically clearer,  flexible and will not shatter like glass  – so you can use it to achieve an airtight seal even over an uneven wooden window frame. It means you can retain the outside appearance of your property, while allowing more light into your room and keep drafts out. It will also help reduce road noise and window condensation.
Perspex acrylic does not discolour with age, and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Replacing 5 double Victorian sash windows would cost about £180. A small window eg toilet window, £8.

To install: Run a thin magnetic strip around the frame of your window. Then place a sheet of clear acrylic cut to the correct proportions, and with the corresponding magnetic strip over the frame  creating an airtight seal.
Window Types suitable for Acrylic Secondary Double Glazing

  • Stained glass church windows
  • Stone windows
  • Crittal Windows
  • Georgian Sash Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Circular/Round Windows
  • Arched Windows
  • Conservatory Windows
  • Porch Windows
  • Summer house Windows
  • Sash windows with shutters.

Ealing Transitions is obtaining names of people who would like to install acrylic double glazing, in order to buy in bulk and give significant bulk discounts.

To register your interest and attend a demo on 3rd Nov (other dates will also be offered) please email domotics@ntlworld.com

A professional company that provides a supply and fitting service is here http://www.displaysuk.co.uk/feeds/featured/perspex-acrylic-secondary-double-glazing.aspx


Ealing Edible Box Scheme

The Edible Ealing Box scheme provides customers with a fortnightly supply of seasonal produce containing fruit, vegetables & salad stuff containing as much locally grown fruit and vegetables as possible. The exceptions will be for popular fruits that do not grow in the UK (eg oranges & lemons) in which case these are sourced from a reputable local Organic/Fairtrade wholesale supplier.

The Boxes are packed at the W7 Emporium in Hanwell on Fridays and are ready for collection anytime after 11.30am. There is also an on-site market place where additional goods are on sale between 11.30 and 12.30pm.

How much does it cost?

  • an   annual membership charge of £10.00.
  • Cost of the boxes will vary slightly from week to week, but will never go above £10.00.
  • All produce in the boxes is seasonal except where specific non-seasonal items have been  requested – these will be charged for at an extra cost.
  • Additional  non-seasonal items will be fair-trade and organic and will be competitively priced.
  • Add-ons can be ordered from our partners and included in your fortnightly selection,  these include artisan cheese & deli items from W7Emporium, salad stuff and greens from Cultivate, locally  produced condiments and produce from Abundance Ealing, cakes and baked goods from Celestial Cakes.

What next?

If you are interested in joining the Edible Ealing Box Scheme please contact us at edible.ealing@gmail.com  or go to their website to find out more.


Use your Green Recycling Box to its best advantage

Click on the image to download the A4 poster (pdf format) and find out what else you could be recycling.GreenBox

Producing new goods from recycled items saves energy and water, reduces the usage of raw materials and minimises landfill. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle !

Donate unwanted goods

Don't throw it away - give it away !

Two dedicated sites where you can advertise items you no longer wish to keep are Freecycle and Freegle (serving the Ealing area) Ealing Abbey has its own "AbbeyCycle": help to kick-start it, and advertise on the Forum (see the menu bar)

The Furniture Re-Use Network (FRN) promotes the re-use of unwanted furniture and household effects for the alleviation of need, hardship, distress and poverty. It operates the largest fridge collection service in the UK. Up to 15% are re-useable and are passed onto low income families. FRN is able to reprocess electrical items in line with Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and is developing partnerships with local authorities to collect bulky waste. Trinity Homeless Project (020 8797 9505) is FRN's local partner for the Ealing area that provides a free furniture collection service. WARNING: both these sites require goods to be in PRISTINE condition.

footprintMeasure the impact of your lifestyle on the environment and get tips about how to reduce it, using WWF's Carbon Footprint Calculator here

COUNTERACT your carbon footprint by buying carbon offsets - your money goes into projects that reduce your carbon emissions in a way that improves the lives of people in developing nations. Click here to find out more.



Where to buy Green Stationary

Many office suppliers stock recycled paper as part of their catalogue. Below are two dedicated sites:

The Green Stationary Company: www.greenstat.co.uk

Recycled Paper Supplies www.recycled-paper.co.uk


Junk Buster: Block Junk Mail

Junk Buster is your one-point-stop for reducing unsolicited mail and paper directories, allowing you to opt out of three junk mail schemes and opt out of receiving the three main paper directories (Yell, Thompson Local and BT Direcory) which are delivered door-to-door in the UK.

Registering with these free opt-out schemes can reduce unwanted mail by up to 60 per cent. For the average household, that's a reduction of 250 pieces / 11.3 kilos of junk mail per year.


Streetbank is a website that gives neighbours the opportunity to lend, give away or offer items and/or skills to anyone living within one mile of their home. People simply sign up with their postcode, add at least one item or skill they would like to share, and they can see everything offered by their Streetbank neighbours. All for free!

People can make use of it however they wish. Some want to save money; for others it’s about living more sustainably and for others still it’s about getting to know their neighbours. In a world where the annual average usage for a household drill is 14 minutes, it makes sense to share! It is a brilliant complement to the work of the Transition movement. You can find out more about Streetbank – and sign up if you wish - at www.streetbank.com


Eco Gadgets

that save the environment, and save you money !

Visit the Energy Saving Trust at www.est.org.uk for information and recommendations on a wide variety of energy saving products.

Below are a few examples of what is available (from amazon.co.uk or Nigels' Eco Store).

Home electricity optimisation - the Energy Wizard - plug into any socket to save at least 10% off your electricity bill. Price: £19.76 Amazon.

For fridge/ freezers: Savaplug - reduces the flow of electricity to the fridge, to match the actual requirements.    Price: £26.54 Nigel’s

For TV’s etc: British Gas TV Standby Saver : turns the power off when you press the standby button. Reduces bills by up to £30 per year. Price:   £19.99 Amazon.

For showers: 4 Minute Sand Shower Timer: has a strong suction cup that holds it fast to eg bathroom tiles. £3.95 Amazon

Aerated/ Air Hansgrohe Injection Shower heads
: use water more efficiently, produce a unique, natural-feeling shower spray. Approx £35.

For taps:
water saving internal thread tap inserts: simple to fit, save up yo 70% of water use. £3.95 Amazon.

For toilets: Hippo the Water Saver - saves up to 3 litres of water every flush - savings approx £20 a year. Price: £1.55

For chimneys:Chimney Pillow - to stop chimney draughts, reduce noise and heat loss. Price from: £20-£25 depending on size.

For windows:Double Glazing Film - Price: £9.95 Solar Chargers eg The Freeloader Classic - can charge an iPod, iPhone ,a smart phone , a PSP or DS, an iPad. Price: £39.95

Insulating Door Draught Excluder
- stops chilly draughts. Easy to fit, Price: £9.95
Electricity Monitor:  Owl Cm119 Wireless Electricity Monitor:  provides up to the second information on the exact amount of electricity you are using in pounds and pence. Price: £35.00