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Abbey Foodbank

All donations should be brought 8am-1pm on the Sunday of the collection, and left in the bookshop porch.

The collection dates for 2017 are as follows:

22nd January
19th February,
19'th March. 
23'rd April

21'st May
18'th June
23'rd July
20'th August
17'th September
22'nd October
19'th November
17'th December

YES please to:
Long life puddings & cakes
Tinned vegetables
Vegetable Curry or Chilli
Macaroni Cheese
Washing up liquid

NO thanks to:
Fresh, refrigerated or frozen foo ds
Pet food
Baby food
Out of date
Opened or part used items
Large sizes (1litre/1kg maximum)


For an up to date list of items particularly needed each month, please see here.

If you would be able to help Dean with supervising donations or driving them to Hanwell Community Centre at 1pmp, please email admin@ealingabbeyjusticepeace.org.uk. If you would like to volunteer directly with the Ealing Foodbank or obtain more information, please click ealing.foodbank.org.uk.

The food bank is intended to be a crisis response ONLY, for people who suddenly find themselves without money available for food.

Ealing Churches Winter Night Shelter (ECWNS)

..is hosting homeless people at the Abbey on Fridays in January and February 2017. Please contact Deacon Gordon Nunn through the Parish Office if you would like to be involved this year, or next.


Fairtrade Church ?

fairtrade70% of coffee is grown by small scale farmers - your shopping choices protect them from swings in the market and help them to receive a decent wage, which is also re-invested into projects and development.

Support Ealing Abbey in using Fairtrade - check that your group is making the effort, and if not, what could be done about it. There are lots of brands of Fairtrade coffee / tea, there must be one that suits:- this lent, don't just give it up - change !